Framed image of Cheeky Orange Painting by Rebecca Hurst Artist

Framing Tips and Tricks

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Framing Instructions using Jackson's Frames.

I am quite new to framing but I thought that I would share some tips and tricks about how to frame your own artwork.

I work a lot on thin plywood panels and tend to use Jackson's Frames. They offer a bespoke framing service and also have You Tube directions on how to put them together. 

I often buy the ready made frames found here. These have the D-Ring, Screws and Hanging Cord included. 

For bespoke sizes, you can find the frame builder here
(Note: Hanging Equipment NOT Included)

Below are some instructions for how to insert a thin plywood panel into a ready made frame. So what will you need?


  1. Open the Frame - It arrives in corrugated card, taped each side.
  2. On the back of the frame are some holes showing you where to screw in the D-rings.
    Jackson's Art Framing ToolsJackson's Art Framing D-Ring
  3. Using a cross headed screwdriver, screw in the D-Rings with the provided screws. Do this on each side. 
    Screwing D-Rings into a Jackson's Frame
  4. Add the hanging cord by looping it through the D-Rings and tying a knot on each side. Make sure the cord is nice and taught. Remove some of the excess cord if there is too much. I found this video helpful: Tie the knot
    Picture hanging cord on Jackson's Frame
  5. Wrap around the loose cord pieces around the taught cord, then cut a piece of the hanging tape and wrap around each side close to the D-Rings. Tip: Use a small blob of superglue on the frayed end of the cord to stop it fraying further.
  6. Wrapping packing tape around loose cord
  7. Turn the frame over and in each corner as a small blob of Gorilla Glue. You don't need much.
    .Add gorilla glue to each corner
  8. Carefully place your panel into the frame and using card, insert tightly to position the painting so it has equal space (shadow gap) around the sides.Space artwork using cardboardInsert cardboard around the side of painting
  9. Lightly clamp each corner over night until the glue is dry - Use more card to protect the painting. Tip: Don't clamp too tight - I found that it can leave marks on the painting, even of you use card to protect the surface of the painting. 
    Clamped framed paintingClamped painting
  10. Hang your masterpiece ;)
    Cheeky Orange Painting Framed - Winking Orange by Rebecca Hurst Artist


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