My Story


I hold a steadfast belief in the power of art as a medium for promoting freedom and self-expression. and positivity.


Transitioning from an account manager to an artist during pregnancy, I found solace in art, a stark contrast to my previous profession. This shift rekindled a connection to my great grandmother's artistic legacy, transforming stress into serenity and igniting a passion once stifled by self-doubt. Art became my therapy and life's teacher, revealing the healing power of creativity and the importance of lifelong learning. Now, as an artist, I am dedicated to sharing this journey, encouraging others to embrace art's transformative potential and life's endless lessons.


Initially, art was merely a hobby for me, a cherished escape from the mundane. Yet, as I immersed myself deeper, it blossomed into my calling—a profound opportunity to aid others and share the transformative impact art has had on my life and perspective. My engagement with art extends beyond the act of painting; it's an active practice of observing and appreciating the intricate details of our surrounding world. Through my artistic endeavors, I endeavor to convey this transformative journey, showcasing how art can not only change perceptions but also profoundly enrich lives. I view my art as more than a creative outlet; it's a catalyst for change, touching the aesthetic dimensions and the deeper, personal realms of human experience.


Growing up, the artist within me was a mere whisper, overshadowed by self-doubt and unfulfilled dreams. Yet, since 2013, I've been nurturing my passion for painting, chipping away at the barriers of disbelief brick by brick. This journey has profoundly altered my outlook, cementing my belief that with passion and perseverance, any summit can be reached. The transformative power of art has not just reshaped my mindset but has also propelled me onto a path of recognition and achievement. Last year marked a series of milestones: I debuted in art fairs and exhibitions, celebrated winning Theo Paphitis' Small Business Sunday award, and journeyed to Liverpool as a wildcard artist on Landscape Artist of the Year. This year, I'm poised to present my work at the esteemed Sussex Art Fair at Goodwood. These accomplishments are testaments to the life-altering force of art, a force that has not only changed what I see, but who I've become.


Currently, I'm immersed in the creative process, meticulously crafting a new collection set for release in 2024. This exciting endeavor involves creating an array of brand new paintings, each piece a reflection of my growth and dedication, all in preparation for the much-anticipated Sussex Art Fair. Parallel to my artistic creation, I've ventured into a new, fulfilling role—teaching workshops. These workshops are not just about imparting artistic skills; they are about emboldening others, guiding them to overcome their fears and embrace their creative potential. It's about sharing the transformative journey of art, echoing the very path that reshaped my own life.


As I look to the future, my aspirations are clear and filled with purpose. I aim to expand the reach and depth of my workshops, hoping to inspire and empower even more individuals on their artistic journeys. Parallel to nurturing others, I intend to continue evolving my own art, exploring new realms of creativity and expression. A paramount goal is to curate and present a solo show, a milestone that would not only showcase my artistic evolution but also mark a significant personal achievement. Beyond these ambitions, I harbor the dream of one day authoring a book, a compilation of insights, experiences, and lessons that could serve as a beacon for aspiring artists and art enthusiasts alike. This vision for the future is not just about achieving personal milestones, but about fostering a community of creativity, courage, and continuous growth.