I promise to infuse your living spaces with art that embodies the essence of nature, energizing your soul and surrounding you with boundless positivity. Each painting, a unique blend of passion and authenticity, is meticulously crafted to invigorate and uplift your spirit, creating an oasis of vibrancy and hope within the walls of your home.

Rebecca Hurst Painting outside in oils

Welcome to My Vibrant World of Art!

Hello there! I'm thrilled to share my artistic journey with you and introduce you to the colourful world I create through my paintings.

A Colourful Legacy:

From an early age, the vibrant paintings created by my great grandmother fascinated and inspired me. They were a riot of colors and contrast, leaving a lasting imprint on my artistic soul. As I grew, so did my love for art, eventually leading me to pursue a BA in Graphic Design. This laid the foundation for my journey in the creative world.

A Twist in the Path:

After a decade of working in the bustling city, my creative calling became impossible to ignore. While expecting my child, a powerful urge pulled me back to the canvas. My first painting was an avenue of trees in Autumn—a burst of reds, purples, and oranges. That moment marked the beginning of a new chapter in my life, where art took center stage.

Embracing the Palette of Life:

My artistic voyage involves capturing the beauty and intrigue of both the natural and man-made worlds. Whether it's the colors of a breathtaking landscape or the play of light on still life, I'm drawn to portraying the unseen, the energy, and the life in every scene. I find joy in expressing myself freely, inviting others to be in the moment, to notice and embrace the world around them.

More Than Just Paint on Canvas:

Every painting I create holds depth and history. Using an array of tools—from brushes to trowels and chisels—I print, move paint around, and draw into the surface, giving my work a unique textural feel. My art isn't just about aesthetics; it's about evoking emotions and sharing stories.

A Canvas for Busy Lives:

I understand the pace of modern life, and my art is crafted for those with busy schedules. My aim is to bring vibrant energy and intrigue into your home, awakening your soul and making you feel alive with each brushstroke.

Join Me on this Artistic Odyssey:

Thank you for being a part of my creative journey. As you explore my portfolio, I invite you to connect with the art, to feel the energy and vibrancy, and to envision how it could transform your living spaces into a sanctuary of positivity and hope.

Here's to the power of art, the beauty of nature, and the joy of creativity!

With warm regards,


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